Join Delta Kappa Epsilon's Chapter at St. Joseph's College!

Do you want to leave a legacy at St. Joseph's College? Are you a leader, a scholar, an entrepreneur, a gentleman?  Do you believe in the everlasting bonds of friendship?

The brothers on St. Joseph's College campus have already founded and chartered the Sigma Xi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon! Take up the cause to procure greatness alongside them!

"It is no coincidence that five presidents of the United States have been Dekes--more than any other fraternity--that our flag was flown on the first expedition to the North Pole and again on a manned landing to the moon. The individual qualities that DKE seeks have certainly stood the test of time and served us all in good stead.  It is that special blend of leadership, brotherhood, and tradition that fuels this fraternity."

--President and Brother, Gerald Ford. Omicron, Michigan '35

The brothers of the Sigma Xi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon can help YOU find the best qualities within yourself and exemplify them. So...what are you waiting for? What's stopping you from making the best decision of your life? Join a worldwide brotherhood, Rush Delta Kappa Epsilon!

About DKE

Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity was founded on June 22, 1844 by 15 Yale College undergraduates.  A new society, considerate of character and merit, as gentleman and scholars, but also of good-fellowship, the Dekes broke the mold of Yale's Junior Societies, Psi Upsilon and Alpha Delta Phi.

The Fraternity's open motto, Kerothen Philoi Aei or Friends from the Heart, Forever was adopted, as was the DKE pin and the secret grip. 

Learn more about DKE's foundation here.

The Objects of Delta Kappa Epsilon are: 

The Cultivation of General Literature and Social Culture, the Advancement and Encouragement of Intellectual Excellence, the Promotion of Honorable Friendship and Useful Citizenship, the Development of a Spirit of Tolerance and Respect for the Rights and Views of Others, the Maintenance of Gentlemanly Dignity, Self-Respect, and Morality in All Circumstances, and the Union of Stout Hearts and Kindred Interests to Secure to Merit its Due Reward